Lotus Yon

Bio: I am a dedicated Human Resources Professional, particularly interested and experienced in Organizational Development and Training, Leadership Development, Internal Communications, Employee Engagement, Employee Relations, Event Planning, Career Counseling and Development, and Talent Acquisition & Retention. I am an extremely proud graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. While I am a loyal Bucky for life, I believe strongly in the power of surrounding myself with a diverse set of minds. I am committed to making my blogs interactive and meaningful for you. My goal is to write thought-provoking posts that will make you think differently and keep you informed on trends, ideas, and best practices. I also want to challenge you with creative ways to develop yourself and others as exceptional leaders. I welcome your questions and discussions and encourage your participation in polls and other activities. Also, please contact me with your feedback about my blog, suggestions for future posts, and ideas for improvement. If there’s something more that you would like to get out of my blog, I encourage you to share it with me so that I can evaluate how to incorporate it. Please don’t forget to follow and share my blog with others and follow me on social media including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+. I am so excited to be part of your professional community and to have you as part of mine!

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